Water-Resistant Labels for Middle and High Schoolers

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No one likes to write on a label and then have a spill occur that renders the label no longer useful. Middle Schoolers may have water bottles for sports, band equipment in plastic cases, and plastic coated binders that are labeled to be identified. So, why shouldn’t those labels also be water-resistant? And, as homeschoolers we often let our children drink water freely while doing school work at home. Then there are our high schoolers that may be driving. How many times have we had a spill in our own vehicles while driving? Now our teens are driving around alone and their cars SOMETIMES look worse inside than our mobile homeschooling vans. LOL Half drank beverage containers everywhere with missing lids, opened cans of Red Bull when they have had to stay up all night for a test, (yes, I know, Red Bull is not good for them LOL), not to mention sports drinks, etc. All of those spill possible items are intermingled with their school books, binders, and science products. Those items are labeled, and those labels need to be water resistant. At Laser Inkjet Labels, we can help you with your needs for water-resistant labels.  You can browse those labels here.[/caption]


Fun Pre-School Games Using Laser Inkjet Labels

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Matching games are a great tool when your little ones are learning their letters, numbers and colors.  Make a chart with numbers 1-10 in a column down the side of a poster board, but not in order. Make another column the width of a reusable Laser Inkjet Label next to it.  Place the numbers 1-10 on ten labels.  Have your child peel off a number label and place it into the second column in the correct row that corresponds to the number they have chosen.  If you have toddlers at the same level this can be a really fun game of racing to see who places all ten labels in the correct place.  When they are finished they can peel them off the poster board and save them for the next round.  This can also be done with ABC’s, and learning to recognize written names of colors by coloring each row in the first column a different color and then writing the names of the colors on the labels.


      1 Label 1 here
      6 Label 6 here
      9 Label 9 here

You get the idea.  It can also be done with the words one, two, three…as they begin to recognize those.  The options are endless!

Personalize Your Wedding with Beautiful Labels!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Here at LaserInkjetLabels.com we understand how busy this time is for you. We can help make your life easier as you prepare for one of the most important days of your life. LaserInkjetLabels has many different styles of labels to help you create that wedding of your dreams. One of our most popular items is our Crystal Clear Glossy address labels. What makes these items unique is that they are truly crystal clear and not “transparent” or “frosty” that you find from other label companies. Crystal Clear Glossy labels are great for addressing your wedding invitations because they let the color of your envelope show through while still displaying the address. This makes the label look like it matches the envelope color perfectly. Why use bland, ordinary white labels when you can enhance your envelope using Crystal Clear Labels?  View our products here.download

Labels for Homeschooling Families

At Laser Inkjet Labels we know that homeschooling is a full time job. We also know how important organization is to that process. We want to make that job easier. Trips to the store for purchases can take valuable time away from in-home learning. Wouldn’t you appreciate your labels being delivered right to your door? Not sure which labels would be best suited for different tasks? Ask for samples to be mailed to your home before choosing your purchases. Browse our list of labels in unique sizes and materials to find the labels you would like to try. Then just go to our Contact Us page and request which sample labels you would like us to deliver directly to your home. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to make your homeschooling life a little simpler.

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