More Labels for Products

Use labels to promote your products, business or restaurant.

Sequentially numbered labels can be used for parking permits.  Promote your corporate identity by labeling water bottles.  Labels can be used on all types of jars,containers and homemade products.  To Go Labels and container labels for restaurants

Below are more examples of product labels.


  • LIP BALM LABELS - If you manufacture your own lip gloss then you'll need high quality labels. And what better way to save money than by printing your own lip balm labels. Check out this section to see all the sizes and face stocks we have available.
  • NUTRITION LABELS - Adding nutrition labels to your food or beverage products is the law. Let us help you save money being legal.
  • OFFICE LABELS - We carry all types of labels that you will find in a typical office. These include File Folder Labels, Integrated Shipping Labels, UPS Labels, Mailing Labels, Inventory Labels, Box Labels and Cover Up Labels. All sizes come in variable face stocks for you to choose.
  • PACKAGING LABELS - Don't spend too much money for package boxes. Purchase blank boxes and put colorful package labels on them.
  • PRICE TAG LABELS - Our Price Tag Labels can be made with barcodes and human readable information. We can custom print barcodes on roll labels or you can print them on our laser/inkjet printable sheets. Our printable sheets come in many popular small sizes that you can print or write on.
  • RESTAURANT LABELS - Blank sheets, blank roll labels or just order them preprinted and we'll send your own "To Go" labels or food container sealing labels right to you and ready to go.
  • RETAIL LABELS - Labeling your retail products doesn't have to be expensive. Create expensive looking labels cheaply by using our gold or silver foil labels with one ink color. We use a technique called a screen to make one ink color look like multiple colors, so we only charge you the one color price!
  • WATER BOTTLE LABELS - If you want to create a unique labels for your water bottles, then we have the label for you. We make pre-printed labels and sell blank sheeted inkjet labels for all sizes of water bottles.
  • SCHOOL LABELS - Use labels to identify your supplies, custom decorate book sleeves and help you stay organized.
  • WEDDING LABELS - Labels for wedding invitations, Thank You cards, seating notifications, wine bottles and various other uses.


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Examples of Custom Printed Labels