Where to Find Quality Labels Without Breaking the Bank

Labels are an essential part of the operations of both small and large businesses. Having a good labeling system can provide peace of mind while conducting everyday operations. A quality well-printed label can promote the branding of a product, while increasing sales for that specific product.

Most consumer products are also identified by the product labels. It is therefore, worthwhile to invest in quality labels, especially those that are super affordable. For customers looking to find quality and affordable labels for their projects, businesses, or facilities, here are some of the ways in which our company will offer competitive pricing and a quality product in the industry.

We Offer High-Quality Labels

 Our labels are of the highest standard with outstanding quality that provides our customers with confidence in our product. Our labels are made with care so that they will adhere to the surface of almost any product. With a quality print and colors that stands out, customers can be confident that their labels are built to last.

Our Selection Contains A Large Variety of Labels

We also have a variety of these labels for purchase, including labels for home or office DIY projects, production facilities or even small businesses. Whether customers need labels that can easily be peeled off, or those that last months to years, we have a selection to match any need.

For customers interested in sheet labels, we have a selection for both inkjet and laser printing. If a customer is setting up a home-based business and is looking to print a few labels each week to grow the business, a sheet label for inkjet printing would be a great investment. With these labels, customers can even experiment with the colors and designs to achieve a desired print of label for their marketing and logo needs, as well as return address labels.

Similarly, customers who have large facilities in which products are prepared for shipping to different parts of the country, would benefit from quality laser-printed sheet labels. With these sheet labels, customers with large business can have their products labeled efficiently and shipped timely to meet the demand for their products.

Customers can also obtain inkjet and laser roll labels for projects such as barcodes and shipping labels. For those customers looking to have specific custom labels printed, we can have those ready to apply to products. Customers can also have their labels printed with our state-of-the-art printers, that produce striking and radiant print.

Our Website is Easy to Use

Customers that prefer to place their orders online can take advantage of our website, which is designed with the customer’s needs in mind. They can order their labels online and have them delivered in a timely manner. Our website is built to ensure that customers can easily navigate and enjoy the experience of buying their labels online.

We Have A Large Capacity to Manufacture Labels

Our label company also has the capacity to print custom label sizes and shapes for customers with custom ideas and projects. Our custom label size capabilities mean that customers can work with us to ensure that they obtain the best quality labels to meet their desired outcome. Whether customers have very large or small products to label, our company can make any amount of labels to meet our client’s demands.

We Are Experts in the Label Industry

We have tremendous expertise and experience in manufacturing labels, making us a leading expert in the field. Customers can trust us with their projects and have confidence in the quality of labels we can provide them. Our team is well-trained and has expertise in various label projects to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Labels Can Be Used for Any and All Products

We have served many clients and business of all sizes, ranging from home businesses to shipping departments, as well as manufacturing facilities. We have worked with businesses such as vape shops, independent coffee and tea manufacturers, candle and soap makers, and wineries and breweries.

Our customers can vouch for the quality of label products we have offered. Additionally, many of our clients require a higher quality label. For example, breweries and wineries require labels for wine and beer bottles, distillation supplies, and signage around their premises.

Clients may need to have custom-made beer bottles with unique shapes, as well as color schemes that can successfully promote the branding of the beer. The label on a beer must also adhere to the bottle throughout fluctuations of warm or cool temperatures and must be waterproof to prevent peeling off from the bottle when left to chill in ice. Similarly, labels on wine bottles must not peel off during shipping and staging at the location of sale.

For labels such as those used on tea or coffee products, these labels must also be durable enough that the colors in the label print do not fade even when stored on store shelves for extended periods of time. This also goes for products such as candles and soap. Customers in stores also tend to buy these products based on how much they can connect with the products, and a lot of this has to do with the label packaging.

For many shipping departments and production facilities, quality of labels greatly matters. A lot of the logistics in these fields rely on labels that adhere strongly to shipping material such as boxes, crates, and plastic. Additionally, if barcodes are printed on these labels, it should be easy to scan the barcodes in a fast and efficient way.

Our labels are also made of durable material that can withstand the changes in temperature and handling during the shipping process. Customers can be assured that their valuable products or goods will not get lost during transit.

Our Label Products are Affordable

Our labels are also affordable for the average customer and will probably fit in the budget for most customers’ projects. While our company strives to provide customers with good quality products, we also want to ensure that customers do not exceed their budgets. Customers will find that the quality of the products they receive will be worth the cost.

For customers interested in high-quality, efficient labels online, come explore our website. It might be the next step in getting started on that DIY branding project, or a start to your own business.

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To Go Labels

With many restaurants answering the call for more To Go Orders, don’t forget to use To Go Labels as another opportunity to get your message to your customers. Don’t just use tape or a plain white label to seal containers and to go bags, add a colored message to those take out bags.

Using our labels help paint a picture, protect food from germs and help keep food warm. Check out just a few of our standard labels ready to order now. Just click TO GO LABELS for pricing and availability.

New Label Printer

Primera LX610

Here is a Great NEW Product from Primera Printers. The Primera LX610. It offers the same, professional-quality output as their other label printers, with the addition of a built-in die-cutter. Just import your design and select a cut format. Choose from standard die-cuts – such as squares, circles or rectangles in any size, or a contour cut image that automatically and precisely follows the outline of the image. You’ll never need to order a custom die again or go anywhere else for your labels as we sell many widths of continuous labels in all our roll label face stock offerings.

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Ordering:                                    5
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We have been using your waterproof labels for many years now and they are exceptional!!! As a small family business, we have always sought to keep costs down so we print and label a lot of our product by hand. Thank you for providing such a great product at a great price.

See PolyGloss Labels here: White PolyGloss Labels

Understanding Roll Label Printer Specifications

Roll label printers are becoming more popular due to the ease of use, low cost and ability to print on demand. But not all label printers are made the same. Prior to purchasing your roll label material, there are a few things you will need to know.

You will need to go online or find the hard copy of your printer specifications. The first thing you will need to check is, can my printer print the label size that I need for my project. You can find this out by looking for the Minimum Media Print Width. (Please note that when looking at sizes, the label width is the first number followed by the label depth into the roll). These widths will vary widely from printer to printer going from minimum width of 0.5″ all the way up to 8.5″. What Minimum Media Print Width means is the overall width of the roll. Typically you will have 1/16″ to the left and the right of a label on a roll. This means that if you have a 1″ label, your media width will be 1.125″. So if the printer has a Minimum Media Print Width of 1.5″, the smallest label you could use is 1.375″

There is also a Maximum Media Print Width that you will need to be aware of. These also have a wide range of sizes depending on the type of machine you purchased. These sizes can range from 4.25″ to 48″. What Maximum Media Print Width boils down to is basically how wide of a label can the printer fit inside, print and roll out of the front. If your Maximum Media Print Width is say, 8.375″, then using the same 1/16″ on left and right of a label, your maximum label size would be 8.25″.

Using the dimensions from above with a minimum media width of 1.5″ and maximum media width of 8.375″, then we know that you can only use the printer to print labels that are between the widths of 1.375″ and 8.25″.

Another important factor you will need to look up in the manual is if your printer takes the media on a 2″ core or 3″ core. What this is telling you is what size spool your printer uses to hold the rolled up labels. Machines that use a 2″ core are typically smaller printers.

The last detail you will have to look up in the manual is what is the maximum roll diameter that can be used in the printer. These also have a wide range of dimensions. If you have a printer that uses a 2″ core, the typical maximum roll diameter is 4″ to 5″. On printers with 3″ cores, the maximum roll diameter ranges from 6″ all the way up to 18″.

Taking a few seconds to learn the specifications of the media width a printer uses will help you determine what printer is right for you as well as saving time and money by purchasing the correct labels the first time.

Below is how LaserInkjetLabels.com categorizes our Roll Labels.

Mini Roll Labels – 2″ core with 4″ max OD

Standard Roll Labels – 3″ core with 6″ max OD

Double Capacity Roll Labels – 3″ core with 8″ max OD

Triple Capacity Roll Labels – 3″ core with 10″ max OD

Aggressive Adhesive for Brown Kraft


Let’s face it, sometimes labels just have a hard time sticking to your application.  Some surfaces just need a more aggressive adhesive, be it because of a tight turning radius on a bottle or because the material the label is being applied to is not as receptive to adhesive as others.

Now we have a solution to your problem!  Our Brown Kraft Laser & Inkjet Labels now have an option for using Extra Aggressive Adhesive.

These Kraft Labels have a slightly lighter color and more of a matte look and feel than our normal adhesive brown kraft product.  The adhesive uses a new technology that keeps it from being absorbed by the sheet as well as keeping it from oozing out the sides.

If you have used brown kraft labels in the past but had to switch due to peeling or falling off, give these new labels a test!

Aggressive Adhesive labels are perfect for:

  • Small Hot Sauce / Woozy Bottle
  • Tight Radius Candle Tins
  • Mason Jars with Raised Artwork or Letters
  • Waxy Cardboard Boxes
  • Cold (Not Frozen) Applications
  • Used as Security Labels for Closing Boxes
  • Any other Non-Flat Surface

Free Samples are always available and encouraged prior to ordering.  Request yours here:  Customer Service

Water-Resistant Labels for Middle and High Schoolers

Exhausted young male Caucasian student with glasses asleep on pile of books next to spilled cup of coffee on white background with copy text space

No one likes to write on a label and then have a spill occur that renders the label no longer useful. Middle Schoolers may have water bottles for sports, band equipment in plastic cases, and plastic coated binders that are labeled to be identified. So, why shouldn’t those labels also be water-resistant? And, as homeschoolers we often let our children drink water freely while doing school work at home. Then there are our high schoolers that may be driving. How many times have we had a spill in our own vehicles while driving? Now our teens are driving around alone and their cars SOMETIMES look worse inside than our mobile homeschooling vans. LOL Half drank beverage containers everywhere with missing lids, opened cans of Red Bull when they have had to stay up all night for a test, (yes, I know, Red Bull is not good for them LOL), not to mention sports drinks, etc. All of those spill possible items are intermingled with their school books, binders, and science products. Those items are labeled, and those labels need to be water resistant. At Laser Inkjet Labels, we can help you with your needs for water-resistant labels.  You can browse those labels here.[/caption]


Keeping Organization Fun for the Elementary Grades!

Homeschooling Elementary Grades 1-5


In these grade levels children are beginning to learn how to organize their own workbooks, notebooks, and binders.  This is also the ages you want to keep their enthusiasm for learning growing.  That is why our Fluorescent Labels are such a good choice!  They are eye catching, and each child can choose a color to code all of their books separating theirs from their siblings.  Fluorescent sheets come in green, yellow, orange, red and pink. They are top coated so they can be used through inkjet printers with an instant “dry to the touch” finish.  No smearing with these labels so one less reason to have to clean up messy hands! So hop on over to our page here that offers these awesome labels and don’t forget to order some samples! 

Fun Pre-School Games Using Laser Inkjet Labels

images (1)

Matching games are a great tool when your little ones are learning their letters, numbers and colors.  Make a chart with numbers 1-10 in a column down the side of a poster board, but not in order. Make another column the width of a reusable Laser Inkjet Label next to it.  Place the numbers 1-10 on ten labels.  Have your child peel off a number label and place it into the second column in the correct row that corresponds to the number they have chosen.  If you have toddlers at the same level this can be a really fun game of racing to see who places all ten labels in the correct place.  When they are finished they can peel them off the poster board and save them for the next round.  This can also be done with ABC’s, and learning to recognize written names of colors by coloring each row in the first column a different color and then writing the names of the colors on the labels.


      1 Label 1 here
      6 Label 6 here
      9 Label 9 here

You get the idea.  It can also be done with the words one, two, three…as they begin to recognize those.  The options are endless!

Personalize Your Wedding with Beautiful Labels!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Here at LaserInkjetLabels.com we understand how busy this time is for you. We can help make your life easier as you prepare for one of the most important days of your life. LaserInkjetLabels has many different styles of labels to help you create that wedding of your dreams. One of our most popular items is our Crystal Clear Glossy address labels. What makes these items unique is that they are truly crystal clear and not “transparent” or “frosty” that you find from other label companies. Crystal Clear Glossy labels are great for addressing your wedding invitations because they let the color of your envelope show through while still displaying the address. This makes the label look like it matches the envelope color perfectly. Why use bland, ordinary white labels when you can enhance your envelope using Crystal Clear Labels?  View our products here.download