Avery® Labels Comparison

LaserInkjetLabels.com does not sell Avery-branded labels. Avery Dennison®, Avery® and all other Avery-branded product names and SKU trademarks are trademarks of Avery Dennison Corporation. Avery Dennison does not sponsor or endorse any products made or sold by LaserInkjetLabels. This comparison page is meant for the sole purpose of matching templates that pre-exist on Third Pary software to the part numbers sold by LaserInkjetLabels.com.

Image Avery® # Size Labels per Sheet

Part #

5160 1 x 2 5/8 30 2610 30 Up Mailing labels
Used as mailing labels / return address labels
5161 1 x 4 20 4010 20 Up Envelope Labels
Used as mailing labels / return address labels
5162 1 1/3 x 4 14 4013 Large Envelope Labels
Used as mailing labels / return address labels
6570 1.75 x 1.25 32 1712 32 Up Lab Labels
Used for Urine Toxicology Cups and other Lab Labels
5163 2 x 4 10 4020 10 Up Address Labels
Used for mailing larger envelopes and small boxes
6871 2.375 x 1.25 18 2312 Vapor Bottle Labels
Used for E Vapor Bottles
5164 3 1/3 x 4 6 4033 Popular 6 Up Label Sheet
Used for mailing larger envelopes and small boxes
5165 8 1/2 x 11 1 8511 1 Full Label Sheet
Used for mailing or shipping larger boxes
5166 3.44 x 0.66 1 3466 Shelf Marking Labels
Used for address labels or shelf marking labels
5167 1/2 x 1 3/4 80 1755 Small Labels
Used for return address labels on small envelopes and post cards
5168 3 1/2 x 5 4 3550 Bottle Labels
Used on larger sized bottles
5293 1 2/3 Diameter 24 1670CR Candle Tin Labels
Used on candle pillars and candle tins
5294 2 1/2 Diameter 12 2500CR Medium Circle Labels
Used on Medium and large sized bottle, candle and jar lids
5295 3 1/3 Diameter 6 3330CR Large Circle Labels
Used for Pricing Labels and Attention Getting

How To Use Our Avery® Labels Cross Reference Chart

LaserInkjetLabels.com has posted this Avery® Labels cross reference chart as a courtesy to our customers.  We do have our own templates for all the sheet label sizes we sell, which can be found in our Design Center - Templates Page.  Our Templates can be downloaded and used in MicroSoft Word® using the .doc files, you can download our .pdf or .eps files for using in graphic software like Adobe Illustrator® or Inkscape® or you use our .jpg images to enter the layout manually into an other graphic program.  I you have used Avery® Labels in the past but are currently using one of our Avery@ Label Compatible sizes, you can still use the same template you have been using.  Example.  If you have been using Avery® 5164 but wish to switch over to LaserInkjetLabels.com, by looking at this chart you can see that you need to purchase our Part# 4033.  Our labels should match (at least to 1/32nd of an inch) to that of the Avery® template.  No need to recreate your artwork or do any extra work.  Just put our label sheets into your printer and print away!

Did you notice that when you clicked on one of our Part numbers that you were re-dircted to a page with multiple label sheets shown and not just white labels?  That is because LaserInkjetLabels.com offers multiple materials, called face stocks, in all our our sheet label sizes.  So now you are not limited to just white for Avery® Label 5164 size but have many more choices.  In our White Label materials you will find White Uncoated, White Semi-Gloss and White High Gloss.  In our Synthetic materials we have Clear Laser, Clear Inkjet, White Poly Laser and White PolyGloss.  If you want to change things up and go with a colored material you have choices of Brown Kraft, Brown Kraft Aggressive Adhesive, Emerald Sand, and 5 fluorescent colors.  You will also notice that many of our face stocks have multiple sheets per pack, ranging from 12, 25, 50 and 100 sheets packs. 

With all these options; Variety of materials, quick shipping, superb quality, ranges of sheets per pack, Avery® Label comparisons and enormous savings, there are just no reasons not to make LaserInkjetLabels.com your online label supplier!