Adhesive Labels - Peel and Stick

Sheets of peel and stick adhesive labels designed for printing in laser and inkjet printers are an inexpensive alternative to purchasing custom printed labels from a commercial printer. There are numerous face stocks to choose from for labeling your products, adhering to files, use for mailings and all sorts of other applications. By printing labels yourself, you only have to print the exact amount you need, when you need them. And without having to pay for printing plates, you can save hundreds of dollars.


adhesive labels peel and stick labels sticky labels

Brown Kraft |  White Uncoated |  White Gloss |  White Poly |  Neon Colors |  Clear Inkjet 


Laser Inkjet Labels uses a general purpose, water-based adhesive that is designed for personal printers. It is important that a properly formulated adhesive is used to prevent it from oozing out from the edges. Sheets that ooze adhesive can gum up rollers, causing feeding issues which can lead to sheets jamming up in the printer or even cause labels to come off inside the printer. Labels coming off inside a printer can render your printer useless or lead to expensive service calls.

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