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Look around you. Labels are everywhere and used on just about everything. There are labels for food, electronics, on your mail, in your car, labels to warn you of danger or to get you to look at a sale item. If you can think of it, there is probably a label for it. And for every different use of a label, there are almost as many different types of label composition. That's why you need the experts at to help you figure out what the right label is for your job.

Located in Georgia, is a true label manufacturer.Did you know that is a manufacturer of labels and not just a reseller like most of the other online label companies selling on the web? Buying direct from the manufacturer provides you with many advantages over buying from online resellers. One of the biggest advantages is in quality control. We know that the label products we make and sell reflects directly on us. Buying direct from LaserInkjetLabels also benefits you by keeping the cost down as we don't have to pay a markup to a middle man. It also allows you, the customer, to have quicker access to the newest label stocks available.

With so many label materials and options for you to choose from, we at LaserInkjetLabels want you to feel confident you are purchasing the best possible label for your application. That is why we always offer free label samples via our Contact Us page. But we are not just a faceless online labels web site. Feel free to call one of our label representatives at 800-340-8321 or take advantage of our online chat. So whether you need laser labels, inkjet labels, inkjet roll labels or custom printed labels on a roll, we are here to help.

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There's all kinds of labeling options, so let us help you find the label that is best for your application.



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