Pics of Crystal Clear Labels

Have you purchased what you thought would be clear labels only to be disappointed when you opened them to find out that they weren't really as clear as you hoped and actually had a frosted matte finish to them? Well take a look at's new crystal clear inkjet printable labels by the sheet or crystal clear laser printable sheets. These are the first truly clear inkjet printable sheets sold online. Below are a few pictures with our labels on various objects.

While we believe we have one of the clearest labels on the market, the product does look different when placed on different applications so we encourage you to go to our Contact Us page and request a free sample to try on your exact application. If your ready to order, we sell sizes in packs of 25, 50 and 100 sheets in the clear inkjet and 100 sheet packs in the laser inkjet. Just click on the appropriate link below to view all sizes.

Compare theirs clear label to our clear label Another comparison of clear labels


Let's Play "Where's the Crystal Clear Label"?


1) This first image is an example of our Crystal Clear Glossy Label on a printed glossy stock. Can you find the Crystal Clear Label on the image below? The image on the right side show the outline of the label in white.


2) Can you find the clear label on our White Matte envelope? The image
on the right shows the same picture but we have outlined the label.


3) The image in the right is of a standard picture frame with glass. Can you find the crystal clear label? We've outlined it for you in the image to the right.



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