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LaserInkjetLabels has several different labels that you can use as bottle labels. If you are the do it yourself type with a sheet feed inkjet or laser printer, then you might want to check out our White Uncoated, White Glossy or our Brand New White PolyGloss label sections to view all our available sizes. If you have a roll inkjet printer, please look at our Inkjet Roll Labels section. If you have a design and want your labels to come to you already printed and ready to apply, our Custom Printed Labels section is where you'll want to begin.

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BEER BOTTLE LABELS - Do you make your own Homebrew? Don't forget to finish off with a nice looking beer bottle label.

HAND LOTION LABELS - Clear or colorful labels will help your hand lotion stand out. Use our White PolyGloss if you are worried about water smudging your labels.

HOT SAUCE BOTTLE LABELS - If you make your own hot sauce or BBQ sauce labels, you'll find all the right sizes of blank labels in sheet or roll formats.

PERFUME BOTTLE LABELS - Variety of sizes for all types of perfume bottles. Ovals, circles and other shapes available.

VAPOR BOTTLE LABELS - Marketing your own vapor for e-cigs? Take a peek at some of our post popular sizes.

VETERINARY LABELS - Marketing your own Veterinary products? Take a look at all the different labels we offer.

VIAL LABELS - Labels for Plastic and Glass Vials and Test Tubes that can be used through a centrifuge.

WATER BOTTLE LABELS - Check out our most popular size of laser & inkjet printable water bottle labels.

WINE BOTTLE LABELS - From non water-resistant brown kraft and white labels to more water-resistant label like white gloss and white polygloss.

WOOZY BOTTLE LABELS - Try our white glossy paper labels or our ply-able white polygloss for a more durable and water-resistant label.

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