Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are identification tags that help identify and define what is within a parcel. The use of labels varies according to the mode of transport used, but all still consist of similar items such as names, addresses, quantities, and a simple tracking number. clicknship labels integrated shipping labels USPS shipping labels

When it comes to mailing labels, there are many types, designs, and formats available. You can order custom-made labels from several companies. Most carriers offer these at no charge. However, in some cases, you may have to pay for the customization. This is because the labels provide their own space, ink, paper, etc. If you work with Laser Inkjet Labels, we have all of the major carriers covered to make sure your shipping label needs are fulfilled.

Many people think that shipping labels are something that you just print off from USPS or However, you can use customized shipping labels to make your business a little bit more personalized for your customers. From creating stylized invoices with integrated labels to Kraft brown labels, you can customize the experience for your customers and give them a better experience overall. You can even use certain types of labels to improve logistics in your freight and shipping processes. Learn about how we can get you set up with the right types of shipping labels.

Creating Shipping Labels

Many companies are offering a variety of different options for their customers when it comes to labels. There are a few ways to create them yourself. Laser Inkjet Labels has several different ways you can design your labels. You can download some templates from us for design or you can use a free program that we have. If you work with a graphic designer, we have JPEG, DOC, EPS, and PDFs available at your disposal.

Using an inkjet printer or laser printers a straightforward and quick method of creating the labels. However, this option may not be available to everyone. Typically, you can download any of our templates, design your own label, and then send it to us for quick and easy setup. We encourage everyone to ask for samples before they buy the final product. Once you are satisfied with how your shipping labels look, you can go ahead and make your purchase.

Laser Inkjet Labels has you covered. We can provide samples for your shipping label needs and we even have a design center on our website so that you can do these on our own.

Types of Shipping Label

  • USPS Click-n-Ship® Labels: These are labels that you can print directly on your printer for Priority Mail. You can include your logo on these for great branding.
  • USPS NetStamps® Labels: These are labels that are printed from your account. We can customize these designs for you.
  • 8.5" x 5.5" - 2 per page White Shipping Labels: These labels let you print 2 per page and work for virtually any platform, like Click-n-Ship or
  • 4" x 3.33" - 6 per page White Shipping Labels: These smaller labels are great for smaller package sizes.
  • 4" x 2" - 10 per page White Shipping Labels: These labels are also good for smaller package sizes.
  • Integrated Label: These are great for increasing your shipping and label efficiency.
  • Neon Shipping Labels: These are good for logistics operations in smaller fulfillment centers.
  • Brown Kraft Shipping Labels: These are good for decorating certain types of shipping items to give your items a specific look.

How Do Integrated Shipping Labels Work?

Integrated shipping labels are designed to increase your shipping logistics and overall efficiency. Here is what they help with:

  • They let you print a shipping label on the same piece of label paper.
  • They can let you print an invoice on the same piece of label paper.
  • They let you also print a packing list on the same piece of paper.


Some people also customize their integrated labels to give their customers a more personal touch and also use their integrated labels to create additional marketing promotions. Here are some ideas for outside-of-the-box integrated label ideas:

  • Include a QR code on your integrated label so that people can leave you a review on your Google My Business page.
  • Give your customers an additional discount code so that they might purchase more items from your online store.
  • Include your customer support information so that people can reach out if they have questions or concerns.
  • Make sure that you also include a complete listing of products bought.
  • Use your integrated labels to give customers short tidbits of information about other products that may be relevant to them.


Neon Shipping Labels and Shipping Logistics

Many people use our neon shipping labels to coordinate logistics operations in their shipping centers. These are great for color coding in the office or the warehouse. These labels are easy to print off in your own office once you order them from us and are durable enough to make it through your freight center with no problem at all.


Brown Kraft Shipping Labels

Brown kraft shipping labels are a way that you can personalize some of your products when you ship them. These are great for crafts, organic, and natural products, as well as “homemade” items. These are ideal for small boutique shops that want to make their products look beautiful.


Why You Need High Quality Shipping Labels from Laser Inkjet Labels

When you get your shipping labels printed through Laser InkJet Labels, you get the best quality labels possible. For your Click-n-Ship, Netstamps, and standard shipping label needs, it is good to have labels with your logo printed professionally on them. For other types of labels, like brown kraft shipping labels, these can add a distinct personal touch for your customers.

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