Product Labels

Use labels to promote your retail products.

Whether you want to print your own labels or use our printing services, Laser Inkjet can provide all your retail product labeling needs.

If you have a laser or inkjet printer, choose from a variety of our sheeted inkjet printable and laser printable label face stocks. We also carry rolls of inkjet material for Primera Roll Label printers (LX810 & LX900) and VIP Roll Label Printers (VP2020). Just click on the category of label you need in the gray boxes to the left to view all the label sizes available.

If you want us to do the work, we have several ways we can custom print labels for you. We can print product labels using one to four spot colors or we can print CMYK - aka four color process printing. Our labels can be laminated for extra durability so they won't scratch during packing and shipping. Remember, colorful eye catching labels are the best way to grab the attention of that customer walking down the store aisle.

Below are a few examples of product labels and how to use labels in a retail environment.

  • BOTTLE LABELS - have various types of labels for all different types of bottles. Whether you need custom printed full color labels or if you need to print your own, look in this section to find your label.
  • CANDY LABELS - If you own a candy store or if make candy at home for online sales, you'll products will benefit when you use our high quality label line. Our labels use a water based adhesive that is rated for incidental food contact.

  • CANNING LABELS - Add color to those mason jars and glass canning jars. has a large variety of face stocks and shapes for you to use for canning labels.

  • COFFEE BAG LABELS - Do you make and sell your own blend of coffee? We can print your labels cheaper than than you if you're using an inkjet printer. When we print them, you'll have a much larger variety of face stocks to choose from. Gold foil or silver foil looks great on foil bags or you could even use a clear gloss label.
  • FOOD LABELS - Labels are an easy and inexpensive way to help make your recipe sell better. We have labels to help small home businesses, industrialized facilities and everything in between. Some examples of food labels may be; Salsa Labels, Hot Sauce Labels, Honey Labels, and Crate Labels for produce.
  • FRAGRANCE LABELS - Looking for an advantage in selling your line of frangrances or beauty products? Our ink jet high gloss labels shed water while keeping inks vibrant.
  • JAR LABELS - Colorful labels can be applied to all types of jars and containers including glass, plastic, metal and cardboard. Examples for jar labels can be on Honey Jars, Candle Jars, Pillars or Tins, Soap packages or Hot Sauce Jars.
  • LABELS ON ROLLS - Are you looking for a label that is already on rolls? Chances are you'll find it here.

More Examples of Labels for Products

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Examples of Custom Printed Labels

Adding labels to your retail products doesn't have to be expensive.
Use a sale sticker to promote in-store sale items.
Labels can be used on all types of jars and containers.
Laser Inkjet Labels
We use premium face stocks at an affordable price. Our goal is to be your high-quality, yet affordable label source.