Barcode & Consecutive Labels

Consecutively Numbered & Barcode labels for products and inventory.

Consecutivley numbered labels (aka sequencially numbered labels) can be custom printed starting with any number requested. Barcode labels are valuable for inventory control, production control, order tracking and much more. Any of the four types of barcodes listed below are availabel on custom labels designed to your specifications. These types of labels are available in paper or weatherproof vinyl materials. Other barcodes are available. If you don't see the type of barcode you need, please call for assistance. NOTE: For scanability, barcodes should always be printed on a white background.

  • CODE 3 OF 9 LABELS - Used for part identification. Alphanumeric, reads bars only, check digit availabel with variable length, high-reliability scanning and low to medium information density.

  • CODE 2 OF 5 LABELS - Used for inventory control and warehousing. Self-Checking, reads bars and spaces, chick digit availabel, requires accurate printing, has variable length, is numeric only, has high-reliability scanning and must have even number of digits.

  • CODABAR LABELS - Used for tracking and tracing. Reads bars only with no check digit. Requires accurate printing, uses numbers only, requires large barcode area and large size for remote scanning.

  • CODE 128 LABELS - Used for sophisticated tracking and tracing. Has the highest information density of all the barcode types. It is alphanumeric, reads bars and spaces, has a check digit available, and can be variable lengthed.

  • CONSECUTIVELY NUMBERED LABELS - Have many uses including, parking permit labels, inventory control labels, various types of permit labels, etc. Multiple sizes, digits and variable imprinting are available.



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consecutively number labels
Code 3 of 9 barcode labels.
Code 2 of 5 barcode labels.
barcoded parking labels

Codabar barcode labels.
Code 128 barcode labels.