Gold Labels

If you want your product to be seen, there is nothing better than using shiny gold labels. Our gold labels use either a shiny gold foil or a dull gold foil laminate that we can print and send to you. Gold foil labels use a permanent adhesive and are great for using on the following products.


  • Coffee Bag Labels - Gold labels have a wonderful look on coffee bags as the black ink creates a striking contrast to the black ink. Rectangles, circles and ovals are all available in our preprinted label section.
  • Book Labels - We stock several different types of Autographed by Author labels. Foil labels are also great for showing sale items or new released books.
  • Wine Bottle Labels - Once our gold labels are printed, the inks will not smear or smudge even when wet. This makes them great for using in wine bottles that may be refrigerated.
  • Food Labels - Maybe you produce your own honey or can your own preserves. Gold labels ad a touch of class to any product.
Use brown kraft labels for your candles
Labels for homemade soaps

Labels for homemade candles and other crafts





Visit the Custom Printed Labels Section for sizes and pricing.