Security / Tamper Evident Labels

Labels can help show if a product has been tampered with.

Use labels to deter theft and tampering. has several types of labels that can help keep your products and equipment safe. Clear acetate circles are a great way to seal software box tops, void adhesive leaves the word "Void" if label is removed, checker board adhesive leaves a checker board pattern on the product and an indestructible label falls apart if tried to be removed.



  • VOID LABELS - Void labels have unique adhesive pattern on them that leaves the word "void" behind if label was removed making them great for using on computers, vcr's or other electronic devices.
  • CHECKER BOARD ADHESIVE LABELS - This type of label leaves a checker pattern behind when label is removed. An extremely agressive adhesive is used making it almost impossible to remove the adhesive once the label is removed.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE LABELS - These white weatherproof labels are designed to flake and fall apart if they are attempted to be removed making it impossible for the label to be removed in one piece.
  • ASSET LABELS - Use indestructible labels or aggressive foil labels to identify your assets.
  • BOX TOP LABELS - Use clear permanent labels to seal the box tops on software boxes or other products you don't want opened.
Use void adhesive labels to show if label has been removed.

Just try and peel these label off in one piece, I dare you!

Keep track of your property with asset labels.


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