Service Tag Labels

Remind your customers to call you for the next service call!

Service tag labels can be your best advertisement. Place a label with your logo and phone number next to the service you provided and the next time a repair or upgrade is needed, your customer will know who to call.



  • LABELS FOR ELECTRICIANS - Place a label in the breaker box and you'll always get that next call for service.
  • LABELS FOR PLUMBERS - Adhere a label on the garbage disposal or the S pipe under the sink.
  • LABELS FOR COPIER REPAIR - Stick a label on the fax, copier or printer you repaired and you'll be sure to get the follow up job.
  • LABELS FOR LANDSCAPERS - Use a weatherproof label and apply it to an approved location outside.
  • LABELS FOR CLEANING SERVICES - Stick a label inside the door of the supply closet or in the window of the business or home you service.
  • LABELS FOR CARPENTERS - Use a weatherproof vinyl label and adhere it to a discrete location on a hand rail or step of a deck you built.
  • OIL CHANGE LABELS - Place a white or clear service sticker on the inside of a car window to remind your customer of next service date and where to go to get it done.
Oil change service sticker
electrical service tag labels
Labels for cleaning companies


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