Clear Glossy Labels - Inkjet - 3.5" x 11"

Clear Glossy Labels for Inkjet & Laser Printers

Have you been looking for Crystal Clear Labels? LaserInkjetLabels is proud to announce that we have expanded our product line to include this exciting new product! A totally clear glossy label with no frost.

Our clear labels are designed to accept high dpi printing, creating professional looking clear labels at a fraction of the cost and quantity of having them professionally printed. We sell sheet labels in packs of 25, 50 or 100 sheets. All these crystal clear glossy labels are made using a 2 mil Polyester and have a general purpose permanent adhesive.

Attention: On most inkjet printers, the inks will be dry to the touch as soon as the sheet leaves the inkjet printer, but on some inkjet printers, a curing time may be required for the inks to "harden". It is our experience that over a short period of time, say over night, inks may even harden enough for the labels to be smudge proof.

Our clear glossy sheets are designed to be used through Desktop Laser printers and Inkjet printers and are not recommended for Color Copiers or High Speed Laser printers as these run much hotter than their desktop counter parts and may melt the clear poly sheets.

For more visual examples click Crystal Clear Label images

While we believe we have the clearest labels on the market, some surfaces may cause the label to look a little more cloudy than others. It is always recommended to request and test samples prior to purchasing. Click or Contact Us page to request your free samples today!

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  1. 3.5" x 11" CLEAR GLOSSY LABELS Thumbnail
    25 Sheets per Pack
  2. 3.5" x 11" CLEAR GLOSSY LABELS Thumbnail
    50 Sheets per Pack
  3. 3.5" x 11" CLEAR GLOSSY LABELS Thumbnail
    100 Sheets per Pack
1 to 3 of 3 products