Fun Pre-School Games Using Laser Inkjet Labels

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Matching games are a great tool when your little ones are learning their letters, numbers and colors.  Make a chart with numbers 1-10 in a column down the side of a poster board, but not in order. Make another column the width of a reusable Laser Inkjet Label next to it.  Place the numbers 1-10 on ten labels.  Have your child peel off a number label and place it into the second column in the correct row that corresponds to the number they have chosen.  If you have toddlers at the same level this can be a really fun game of racing to see who places all ten labels in the correct place.  When they are finished they can peel them off the poster board and save them for the next round.  This can also be done with ABC’s, and learning to recognize written names of colors by coloring each row in the first column a different color and then writing the names of the colors on the labels.


      1 Label 1 here
      6 Label 6 here
      9 Label 9 here

You get the idea.  It can also be done with the words one, two, three…as they begin to recognize those.  The options are endless!

Author: Lori Sims

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