Advantages of Free Samples

Let’s face it, you don’t deal with labels everyday and probably have no idea what an white uncoated sheet is or how different a semi-gloss sheet looks compared to a high gloss sheet.   We can give you all kinds of numbers regarding the sheet thickness, liner thickness, the brightness level as well as talk about our adhesive all day, but what is most important to you is, how it looks and sticks on your application.  And who wants to wasearch-navste time and money trying to do a return because the label sheets didn’t look exactly how you had imagined.  wants you to know exactly what you will be getting when you order labels from us online.  That’s why we not only offer Free Samples but we encourage you to request them if
you have even the slightest doubt regarding the look, feel, print quality or adhesion properties.

Just go to our Contact Us Page and request a sample to test today!  We’ll drop a couple sheets or send you enough length of our roll labels so you can order with confidence.

We can’t always send out the exact size, but all you have to do is go to our Templates Page and find and print to scale one of our PDF files.  Just cut out the label and see how the size looks on your application.