How To Design Address Labels | Laser Inkjet Labels

Are you looking for beautiful address labels? Laser Inkjet Labels helps you get address labels that you can print off on a laser inkjet printer. Learn some design tips for elegant, beautiful address labels.

Are you looking for beautiful address labels? Laser Inkjet Labels helps you get address labels that you can print off on a laser inkjet printer. Learn some design tips for elegant, beautiful address labels.

Address labels are the things that we think about the least when we mail letters, packages, and other items. However, if you are designing labels for business purposes, you want to put a little bit of time and effort into making your address labels. Design programs can help create beautiful address labels, but a few other tips and tricks can help you come up with beautiful address labels.

What Address Label Sizes Are Available?

There are a variety of different address label sizes available. These include:

  • 2-⅝ x 1
  • 4 x 1-⅓
  • 4 x 2
  • 4 x 3-⅓
  • 1-¼ x 1-¾

The smaller sizes outlined above make great labels for letters, postcards and larger packages that you send in an envelope. Larger label sizes, like the 4 x 3-⅓ are better for packages that you are going to be sending out. Laser InkJet Labels also offers Click-n-Ship and NetStamps sizes if you are going to be sending out packages.

Choose the Text That You Are Going To Use

The text, while pretty straightforward, is the most important element of your address label. Consider how you want your name or business name to be displayed on the label. You may also want to include your title. When designing an address label for your business, make sure that you list your business name correctly, such as including the “LLC” or business type. You may also want to create separate address labels for different departments or individual employees.

Pick a Theme For Your Address Label

When choosing a theme for your address label, you want to think about things like font and color. If you are looking for a sophisticated theme, software platforms like Canva have several neatly designed frames, scripts, and colors. Other designs might include floral designs, geometry, and flourishes. For more “fun” themes, things like tasteful illustrations and colorful vibrant schemes will add some zest to your address label.

It is also a good idea to use an address label theme that matches your existing stationery, business cards, and signage to create a uniform branding theme for your business.

Choosing a Color Scheme

If you’ve already picked a theme, you will want to test colors. A darker background with light colored font will make the text readable. A neutral background with darker colors will also make the address text readable. Overall, neutral backgrounds tend to make for a smart choice when you include more design aspects on your address label like a logo or small picture.

Logos and Other Design Elements For Your Address Label

Some people elect to include a small version of their logo or other type of graphical element. Remember that on the smaller label size the quality of such elements can tend to decrease. Make sure that you have a high-resolution version of your logo or other design element so that the image is not blurred.

Choosing a Font and Font Size

Depending upon your theme preference, you also need to think about font and font size. You do not need to worry too much about the font. The USPS has some good guidelines when picking font and font size. These guidelines include:

  • Having a uniform font, size, and spacing throughout the address label.
  • Making sure that characters do not touch.
  • Using uppercase, lowercase, and all caps are acceptable options.
  • Making sure that the font is 10- to 12-point OCR readable font.

Keep Your Design Legible and Easy-To-Read

When you design unique labels for yourself or your business, it might be easy to overload the address label with pictures in text. Keep in mind that your label should be functional. They have to be readable to work properly for your business. When designing any address label, you need to make sure that the text is appropriately sized to not run off the edge. If you ever need samples, you can have Laser Inkjet Labels send you some samples. This will let you get a sense of whether or not the label will suit your needs.

Have a Second Set of Eyes Look At Your Address Label Design

Before you purchase your final set of labels from Laser Inkjet Labels, have a second set of eyes look at the label. Get some input from others on the look/feel of the design, how the text looks, but most importantly, look for mistakes like basic errors. If you have stationery and envelopes for your business check the label sample against these so that it looks great on any mail that you plan to send.

How Can You Use Address Labels?

Besides for items to be mailed, you can also use your address labels for organizational purposes. They can denote an employee’s items at work, show ownership of a particular item, and be used for a wide array of other purposes.

What Software Do You Need For Designing and Printing Address Labels?

For software, you don’t need an expensive design suite like Adobe PhotoShop. Free platforms like Canva have tons of different templates that you can use and you can even customize the size of your address labels. If you are looking to design a smaller version of your logo, Canva can also help with this. Other software that can help you with label design includes Inkscape Label Design, GIMP, and other platforms. Laser Inkjet Labels even has some templates if you want to use something like Word, PowerPoint, or other software.

How To Design a Label | Laser Inkjet Labels

Are you looking for custom labels to print off on your laser inkjet printer? Learn how to design beautiful labels and let Laser Inkjet Labels print them for you.

Are you looking for custom labels to print off on your laser inkjet printer? Learn how to design beautiful labels and let Laser Inkjet Labels print them for you.

If you are looking for professionally designed labels for print, there are a couple of different ways to go about designing them. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that you can use to design beautiful labels. Additionally, we will provide some different tips for you to come up with the beautiful label design. After you design your label, Laser Inkjet Labels will take care of the rest and provide you with labels that you can print off on your own inkjet printer!

Have the Right Tools For Designing a Label

Some people prefer expensive software suites like Adobe Photoshop to design their labels. Laser Inkjet Labels has a few templates that you can use in the form of jpeg, Word, PowerPoint or EPS to plug into your own software. We also have some software that you can download for free if you want something that won’t cost a lot of money. Here are some additional tools that you can use for designing your labels:

  • Adobe Spark Label Marker
  • Canva
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite
  • Sketch
  • Affinity Designer
  • GIMP

Any label design that you come up with can be easily printed on any of our label sizes and printed off on your inkjet printer.

Include the Most Important Information On Your Label

What you put on your label will largely be based upon the use of the label. If you are designing basic shipping labels, your address will be a must. You might also want to include some basic information about your company when designing a shipping label, such as a phone number and website. If you are designing labels for a product, you might want to include certain things like instructions, ingredients and nutrition information if you are producing a food product, and things like UPC and SKU for inventory purposes. Packing slips are also a type of label that you can design and should include a brief overview of your company as well as some sort of decorative element.

Use Your Logo and Branding For Certain Types of Labels

You might want to include your logo on certain types of labels. Any branding consideration should be done by a professional designer if you don’t have a beautiful looking logo. Your labels will need to accomplish two tasks if they are going to go on a physical product. It must tell your customer what is inside the packaging and it must advertise your company. Clear, effective copy and good design on your label can help advertise your company perfectly.

Design Clear and Readable Messaging For Your Labels

Clear and readable messaging are the most important elements of any type of label design. Your logo and brand messaging should be able to stand out to potential buyers on the shelf. The fine print needs to be easily readable on your physica products, too. The font is going to make your label stand out, as well as the colors. Some good fonts to consider for your labels are on the list below:

  • Lora.
  • BodoniAnt.
  • Garamond.
  • Verdana.
  • Scada.
  • Scripts.
  • Poiret One.

Leave Enough White Space When Designing Your Labels

White space refers to the space between different elements on your labels. Designers try to leave enough white space on a design so that other elements stand out. White space can keep your label from becoming too cluttered and allow the eye to focus on your design elements. The label should have enough white space around your logo, product name, images, and copy. This allows the eye to focus on one aspect of your label at a time.

Every Label Design Should Have At Least One Decorative Element

Too many decorative elements can make your label design cluttered. However, one decorative element beyond photos and text can help make your label stand out. Let’s say that you are designing a shipping label or a packing slip. A logo with some slight decoration can make a beautifully designed shipping label. However, more elaborate labels, such as product labels, can have an artistic flair, swath of color, or illustration to make it stand out more on the shelf.

Miscellaneous Items That Should Be Included On Your Label Designs

Lastly, here are some things that you might want to consider on your label, depending on which type of label it is:

  • Required Details: Certain types of food items must have ingredients and nutrition information. Depending on where your business is, you may be required to indicate whether or not a product has choking or suffocation hazards.
  • Brand Name, Product Name, and Other Selling/Inventory Details: If you are making a label for an item that you intend to sell, make sure that you include basic things like UPC, stock keeping information, and serial numbers where applicable.
  • Packing Size: You may want to indicate certain dimensional measurements and packing information.

If you are designing shipping labels, you will need to include a field for originating address, destination address, the shipping class, and information like tracking numbers.

Let Laser Inkjet Labels Fulfill Your Shipping Labels

If you are looking to have your own labels, Laser Inkjet Labels has everything you need to get the ball rolling. Once you have a label design that you like, simply request some samples from us. We can work with virtually any type of label that you design and get you the stock that you need at an affordable price. Moreover, your business doesn’t need to invest in any kind of specialized printer, you can simply use your existing label inkjet printer. 

How To Design Beautiful Product Labels | Laser Inkjet Labels

Are you looking for some product labels for your retail store or ecommerce store? Let Laser Inkjet Labels give you some tips on how to design product labels.

Are you looking for some product labels for your retail store or ecommerce store? Let Laser Inkjet Labels give you some tips on how to design product labels.

There are several different ways to design beautiful product labels that have all the different labeling requirements for the products that you sell. Many people who sell products design their own labels. Once you have a label design, simply send the design to Laser Inkjet Labels, request some samples, and we can help you get beautiful labels for your product. Laser Inkjet Labels makes all types of labels for your products, including bottle, candy, canning, coffee bag, food, fragrance, homeschool, and jar labels. We can even do vape bottle labels and specialized food labels if you need them.

What Types of Inventory Information Do You Need For Your Product Labels?

The type of information that you will need on your label depends upon the selling situation for your product. If your product is going to be scanned and sold in a physical retail store situation, you will need to have a barcode on your product label. Some people who sell products via e-commerce typically will want to include things like the stock-keeping-unit number (SKU) and other unique identifiers.

What Types of Information Need To Be Added For Food/Beverage Items

Depending on the type of food or beverage, you will need to have the nutrition information for the product, the ingredients, and other identifiers. For people who have allergies, you will need to indicate whether or not the food was produced in a facility that processes other types of food, like nuts. If you have a unique food or beverage, you can also apply for certifications like organic, Kosher, and vegan, these will help add value to your product if they are included on your label.

Picking Colors For Your Product Label

The color scheme is one of the most important aspects of coming up with a great product label. Any color choice will depend upon the target customer, colors used by competing brands, and the type of product that you are selling. If you have a more upbeat product, bright and bold colors are going to be a natural choice. The right color will help your product stand out from the competition. If you have a product with different styles or variations, you will want to come up with a color scheme for your product label that goes with the particular variation.

Design Flare, Images and Decor For Your Product Label

Images and other decorations can add zest to your product label design. Here are some unique ideas for product labels:

  • If a label has a detachable coupon or recipe, 59% of consumers are more drawn to that product.
  • 56% of shoppers will purchase a product if the logo stands out.
  • 53% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product if the color is unique to them.
  • 33% of shoppers will decide against buying a product if they dislike the label.
  • 60% of shoppers won’t buy a product if the label doesn’t give them enough information.

These are all important things to consider when designing a product label. If you have a food product, a recipe that goes along with the product is a great idea to increase sales. Designing a product label that people like is also important. Some ways to get a label design that your customers will like include:

  • Using images of the product with people.
  • Adding some light decor to your product label, such as icons and artwork.
  • Getting a second set of eyes to look at your product label.
  • Doing thorough competition research to make sure that your label has elements from other designs to stand out.

Information That Customers Look for On Labels

Outside of food product labels, customers look for certain things on a label. First and foremost, contact information is a high priority. Customers want to know that they can contact the company if they have questions or the product needs to be replaced.

Any information that a customer might want to research online should be included, no matter how brief, on the label. Customers are likely not to buy a product if they require more than 1 minute of time on their smartphone researching the product. Here is a quick overview of all the information you should include on your product:

  • Manufacturer/provider contact information.
  • A website for the company.
  • Where the product is made or manufactured and where it is sourced from.
  • Information about necessities for the product, like batteries.

Designing a Product Label

For your product labels, you might want to consider a professional designer to get the look and feel that you want. Product labels will need to have high-resolution images to stand out to customers. If a low-resolution image is used, the label will look great on the design program but will not turn out as you’d like. Designing your own label is not difficult. Laser Inkjet Labels has a free design program that you can use called Inkscape Label Design. Other programs that are affordable include Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw, GIMP, and others. For very basic product labels, you can use JPEG, EPS, Word, and PowerPoint templates from Laser Inkjet Labels.

How Does the Label Design Process Work With Laser Inkjet Labels?

Once you’ve designed your label, you can simply request some samples from Laser Inkjet Labels. You might want to get a second set of eyes to look at the samples before you decide on the final product. Once you find a design that you like, Laser Inkjet Labels will print off the sizes and designs that you want.

How to Design Shipping Labels | Laser Inkjet Labels

Are you wanting to design some awesome shipping labels for your business? Let us give you some pointers for design and then get your labels printed for you so you can print them off on your own laser inkjet printer

Are you wanting to design some awesome shipping labels for your business? Let us give you some pointers for design and then get your labels printed for you so you can print them off on your own laser inkjet printer

How To Design Shipping Labels

Adding a logo or custom message on your shipping label is a great way to add branding to your packing. Basic shipping labels alone give you a few options for customization. You can add a logo of your choice and a message to your customer, such as a brief thank you message or a summary of your order. You can also use integrated shipping labels, labels that let you create a packing slip and the actual label itself. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can design your own shipping labels.

shipping labels

Basic Shipping Label Design

If you are using a USPS Click-n-Ship label, Netstamps label, or any of our standard shipping label sizes, there are a few customization options available for you. A small logo cna help your customers identify where the package is coming from. There is also room for your label, especially if you use a platform like WooCommerce or ShipStation, where you can put a custom message for your customers. You can say something like “Thank you for your order,” or you can provide a brief summary of what they are receiving.

Providing a Beautifully Designed Label With Integrated Shipping Labels

Integrated shipping labels are a great way to add value for your customers, especially if you are an ecommerce store. When designing your packing slip, there are a few things that you should include:

  • Recipient name
  • Shipping address
  • Brand name
  • Brand contact information
  • Order information, including date of order, items, UPCs, quantities, and price.

However, there are some other design elements that you want to include in your integrated label design that will help you better interact with your customers.

Make Your Packing Slips Stand Out In Your Integrated Label Design

Typically, all packing slips and integrated labels look the same. They are white, devoid of color, and basically just an itemized list of what the customer has ordered. Don’t stop at the logo. You can easily add more colors, your branding motifs, your company slogan, and inspirational quotes for your customers.

Connect With Your Customers

When designing your integrated shipping labels, you can do more than just put your email address and a phone number. Some ideas for better shipping labels include having your social media handles, hashtags that connect with your brand on social media, and even using QR codes with special discounts to bring customers back to your website to purchase more.

Add Even More Value To Your Customers On Your Integrated Shipping Labels

Do you have a brick and mortar store? That extra white space on your packing slip portion of your integrated shipping label can be used to give your customers a coupon that they can redeem at your store. Other ideas for adding more value to your packing slips include:

  • Having discount codes to use on your website for a percentage off or even free shipping.
  • Links to partner websites where customers can further redeem offers.
  • A link or QR code that lets customers give you a review on Google My Business or Trustpilot.

Designing Your Own Shipping Labels and Integrated Shipping Labels

You don’t need to have an expensive suite of design software, like Adobe CS, to design your own labels. You can use a simple program like Canva or GIMP to get the job done. Laser Inkjet Labels has several different templates that you can use to get it right the first time. After you are done designing your shipping labels, send them over with a request for a sample. If you are happy with your sample, you can go ahead and complete your order. You can then use any laser inkjet printer to get the print off your labels.

How To Design Kraft Labels | Laser Inkjet Labels

Kraft labels are unique because they are eco-friendly and extremely durable. Learn how you can design great Kraft labels with Laser Inkjet Labels

Brown Kraft labels have several different benefits for business owners. First and foremost, Kraft labels are extremely strong. It has a lot more durability than most label materials. It sometimes costs less than other labeling materials. Kraft labels have a darker color and do not need to be bleached, therefore it is better for the environment. Let’s take a look at some design ideas for your Kraft labels.

design kraft labels

What Colors Look Good On Kraft Labels?

You have to remember that Kraft labels are brown. For most lettering choices, black is going to be a good choice to go with. If you are going to have some colors on them, you might want to consider earth tones. When designing your labels, darker colors and muted tones won’t be impacted by the color of the paper. Natural hues and black work best to give your label an authentic, rustic feel. White and yellow will not look good on Kraft labels. Additionally, lighter colors in general won’t stand up very well against the brown.

What Fonts Will Look Good On Kraft Labels?

There isn’t one set font that is going to look good on Kraft. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the fonts that you pick are bigger and bolder. Avoid fonts that “run together,” like more cursive-style fonts and use a larger, bolder font size so that the printing job looks good when you are done.

Design Considerations for Kraft Labels

For printing on Kraft labels, you are going to want to keep the design elegant and simple. Line graphics in one to three colors will get you a label that you are more happy with. You won’t be able to use complicated photography or a logo on your Kraft labels. Graphics with lines and gradients will work best on Kraft labels.

How Do You Decide If Your Design Will Look Good On a Kraft Label?

If you are uncertain as to whether or not your design will look good on Kraft, you can always request samples from Laser Inkjet Labels. If you are using a free design program like Canva, you can set the color of the background to be a specific hex color to emulate the Kraft material (#d5b59c).

What Types of Kraft Labels Might I Want To Design?

There are different sizes of labels that you might want to try. Circle labels are going to be good for price tags. You might also want to try the circles for labels on products that you sell. Larger square labels and rectangle labels are going to be for products that come in bags and boxes. Kraft labels in the circle or oval format also look great for sealing envelopes. Circle labels can also be used on things like jar lids and bottles.