Inexpensive way to make your own Weatherproof Labels

Having worked in the label business for well over a decade, I can truly say that one of the biggest questions continually asked by customers is how can they get a small quantity of weatherproof labels.

Typically, weatherproof labels -those that have either a protective laminate or UV varnish applied – have a minimum of 500 labels per design and by comparison to paper labels are 4-5 times more expensive.  Either of these two factors can make purchasing weatherproof labels cost prohibitive.  Well may just have solved this problem for all of us by offering sheets of Laminating Labels.

Laminating Labels allows you to instantly turn any paper label into a weatherproof label simply by applying the laminating label over the top of your existing label.  Laminating labels are available in the same sizes as our printable laser and inkjet sheets.

Imagine using one of our Brown Kraft labels through your inkjet printer and turning it into a waterproof label!  This could cost over $300 for 500 labels if you had to have them printed by a company.  Now you can do it for as little as $30.98!  Or maybe you already have a bunch of plain old white laser or inkjet labels sitting around from another project, just find the same sizes laminating label from our website at and you can instantly turn that paper label into a weather-resistant label.  Even if you don’t need your label to be water-resistant, laminating labels can extend the life of your label by keeping it from getting scratched as well has helping the ink become more fade resistant.  Not to mention the nice shine your new labels will have.

Check out all our Laminating Label sizes today!

3 thoughts on “Inexpensive way to make your own Weatherproof Labels”

    1. It will stand up longer than paper by itself, but, long term, one needs to use a film based material to be weatherproof. Laser inkjet labels Poly materials fit this bill. These materials last for very long periods (years) in varying weather conditions. Laminate can help with this durability but mainly is there to protect the printed images and text on your label. Depending on the exposure levels (to sun, rain, etc.), laminate and ink used to print, light fastness will vary from a few weeks to years potentially.

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