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Laser Inkjet Labels offers you custom labels to use for any type of shipping situation for your ecommerce store. Learn how we can help you have shipping labels on hand for printing on your own when you need them.

Shipping Labels for Ecommerce

Laser Inkjet Labels has you covered when it comes to shipping labels for your ecommerce business. With our customized labels, you can print them off on your own on any inkjet printer.  If you own a Primera®, Kiaro®, Afinia® or any of the Memjet® powered inkjet roll label printers, you will find the right labels for your project with Laser Inkjet Labels. If you use us for your labels, you can easily have custom-made, easy-to-print labels that can be used for your national and international shipments. That is what makes shipping labels the best choice for companies, but choosing the right people to help you can be tricky, which is why guaranteed impeccable service is what everyone deserves. Quality materials, attention to detail, quick turnaround, and five star customer service.

Shipping labels are the most important component of your ecommerce store, right after the products that you sell. Regardless of the size of your online store, if you make mistakes when creating your shipping labels, things can quickly become costly, inefficient, and most importantly prevent your packages from being delivered. Using a good provider will eliminate the risk of your packages not being delivered due to shipping label issues. With high quality labels, you know that there will be no problem in creating a service that your customers are impressed with time after time.

2 5/8 x 14 x 1 1/34 x 24 x 3 1/3Click-n-Ship®1 1/4 x 1 3/4
Part # 2610Part # 4013Part # 4020Part # 4033Part # ClickShipPart # 1217
100 sheets 100 sheets100 Sheets100 Sheets100 Sheets10 Sheets
White return address labelsWhite mailing labelsWhite mailing address labelsLarge mailing labelsClick-n-ship labelsNetStamps labels
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Make things easy!

Using our custom printed labels for your ecommerce store is super easy. All you have to do, when ordering from us is:

  • Have a good design for your labels ready to go. You can easily use a platform such as Photoshop. If you work with a designer we have JPEG, DOC, EPS, and PDF templates available for you to use.
  • Know the type of label size that you will need. We have Click-n-Ship, NetStamps, and other sizes that can be your final design. If you want to know more about the sizes that are available, just visit this page to see all of our shipping label sizes.
  • Make sure that you have the right type of printer to print. We have certain types of printers available if you are making the transition to using laser inkjets or are just setting up your shop for the first time.

Easy to use!

Once your shipping labels have been printed, place them securely on the outside of your package. When you know you have printed high quality labels, you can have almost a full guarantee that there will be no damage to the label or that it will fall off as some do and it will be compliant with the shipping company you are using, whether it is FedEx or USPS. Our adhesive is strong and durable, and this means that you can post with peace of mind. Of course, make sure the barcode remains visible. Here are some further benefits to consider:

  • Shipping labels with pre-printed text to enhance the security of all your packages.
  • High visibility red labels to ensure your message will not go unnoticed.
  • Reliable self-adhesive labels offer permanent adhesion to all media.
  • Choose the shipping or franking solution that best suits your requirements!
  • Customize and optimize your presentation, addressing and filing needs!
  • Black and color digital printing when needed.
  • Laser printing, inkjet, thermal transfer.
  • Variable data printing according to customer Excel file, text, or database.
  • Incrementation, Bar codes, QR Code, Datamatrix, etc.

This makes the creation and delivery process smooth for people on both sides and with high-tech equipment, you can always guarantee success. The diversity of our equipment and our know-how allows us to offer you a wide range of labels to meet your personalized needs: sheet labels, fanfold labels, labels on a reel, blank or printed, etc. At Laser Inkjet Labels, our teams are attentive to the customer, in a logic of co-construction making it possible to offer tailor-made label manufacturing and printing services to everyone: a guarantee of satisfaction for companies!  

Customer service is there to serve you

With Laser Inkjet Labels, you can get access to a 24-hour team that will be able to assist you. Endless hours of struggling or trying to do things autonomously don’t have to be a reality anymore; there are certainly many more options. With a live chatbot on hand and a telephone line, your company will be able to get the help they need time after time. Think of the time and money you will save with great customer service.

We also make it so that you can have a sample of your labels before you get your order. All you need to do is request some sample labels on our customer service page.

You can maintain your reputation

We also offer pre-printing of your labels, to print your company logo, for example. This type of service then allows various departments within your company to print products or other information while having labeling with an identifiable logo. This allows you to continue to market yourself even when you are sending out packages. It allows you to advertise and keep your authenticity with each package. It is these little extra touches that make a big difference to your customers’ reactions. You can easily benefit from our printing services after receiving a free quote, followed by production in a few days and the possibility of express delivery. Because we appreciate that time is money.

For more information on how Laser Inkjet Labels can help propel your business forwards, please do not hesitate to contact us giving us details. Our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

Shipping Labels for PayPal | Laser Inkjet Labels

Many businesses need shipping labels for PayPal. If you use PayPal in any way shape or form for your business, Laser Inkjet Labels can help you with custom shipping labels.

Shipping Labels for PayPal

If you are someone with an online store, no matter the size of your business, being able to offer professional shipping labels will help to give your customers a good impression of your store. Custom printed labels give your new customers a great first impression. If your online store uses PayPal as a method of payment, then being able to connect the two, to create custom shipping labels that work with PayPal, can help to get the professional look that you desire for the shipping labels for your PayPal orders.

The shipping labels that you use will help to show what is in the parcel, as well as include the vital information such as names, addresses, and a tracking number.There are many different formats and designs that are available, but often customizing labels can cost extra, which may not be effective for a small business looking to print shipping labels. If you choose to work with, then we can include everything in the price of the shipping labels that you choose, and should be your first choice when it comes to printing PayPal shipping labels as we will make sure that your shipping label needs are fulfilled.

The benefits of using shipping labels for PayPal orders

PayPal shipping makes it easy to do your online business. First and foremost, you spend less time on shipping, as you don’t need an integration like ShipStation or a third-party plugin for your website. If your online store ONLY uses PayPal as a payment method, you can manage all of your shipments in the same place where you manage your orders. Another benefit of using PayPal for shipping is that you can send customers tracking information through PayPal, helping resolve any dispute that might come up with a customer. Also, you can use any old desktop laser inkjet printer to print your PayPal shipping labels.

By using PayPal, it can make the transaction process really smooth. But instead of using their generic shipping labels that aren’t personal to your business, you can create custom labels with us. Then all that you need to do is have them printed and affixed to the package, and get the item mailed off right away.

By doing this, you won’t have to spend as much time on any shipping paperwork. With labels that are ready to go, you won’t have to spend time going through orders and double-checking that all of the right information is on them. With the added benefit of PayPal, you can check that all of the payments are in one place and that money has been taken, before you mail any packages off. This helps to keep you organised and helps you to manage shipments. By customizing and having the shipping labels printed, you can speed up the process and make mailing to nearly every location in the world a possibility.

Customers have the benefit of being able to track packages as a result of a PayPal order, which helps to give them peace of mind. Then when their parcel does arrive, they will be able to see the professional and custom shipping labels, helping to give off a great impression of your business.

Custom labels for PayPal orders

PayPal only requires a simple laser inkjet desktop printer to print your shipping labels. By being able to customize shipping labels for PayPal orders, you are going that extra mile for your customers and integrating more of your business onto the labels. You could include a business logo, a note to the customer, or any other design feature that you would like, all onto sticky shipping labels if preferred, helping to give your customers a better experience overall.

At, we offer a range of different label designs because we know just how important appearance is. By putting attention to detail into the small things like your PayPal shipping labels, you are showing your customers that you pay close attention to the small things and that you are a business that should be taken seriously. We offer a range of sizes and styles, but do get in touch if you are looking for something specific and we can custom design it for you.

We offer affordable and high-quality laser and inkjet labels that can be printed at home or at the office. But with a custom design, rather than just printing your own PayPal label, you will be able to make sure that the shipping label is just as you require, with all of the relevant business information and shipping information on there. Along with our adhesive labels, you can make printing shipping labels simple and easy, with the professional look that you want for your shipping labels.

Making the most out of your custom Laser Inkjet Labels

If you aren’t too sure what you want to include on your shipping labels or you want to try out a few different designs, you can use some of our templates that are easily downloaded, so that you can check that you have the right specifications and sizes for your labels. One thing that we do also advise is to get some samples of the final design before you place your order, so that you know that you are completely happy with them. You might also want to get shipping labels for PayPal orders in different sizes, if you sell products that will be shipped out in different sized packages.

One great thing to note about us is that you can get volume discounts on your orders. So the more that you order from us, the bigger discount you will get. If you want to get your PayPal shipping labels in bulk, then get in touch with us today about the discount that we could offer you.

Get in contact with us today

If you want to ask us any questions about printing PayPal shipping labels and how we can help your small business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We have a great team of people who can answer the questions that you have, or be able to help you with any custom designs for your PayPal shipping labels.

At, we strive to make sure that all of our customers have exactly what is needed and that customers are completely happy with their labels and label design. Do get in touch to find out how we can help or ask for further clarification on anything.

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Part Number Label SizeLabel Usages
USPS Click and Ship 8 1/2 x 11Click-N-Ship® labels   (AKA USPS Click and Ship® Labels)
1217 1 1/4 x 1 3/4USPS NetStamps® compatible mailing labels
2610 2 5/8 x 1Envelope address, return address, small package labels
4010 4 x 1Envelope address, return address, small package labels
4020 4 x 2Envelope address, return address, package labels
4033 4 x 3 1/3Package address, tube label, shipping labels
8555 8 1/2 x 5 1/2UPS Package address, pallet labels, shipping labels

Shipping Labels for Shopify

Are you looking for customized shipping labels for your Shopify store? Laser Inkjet Labels has shipping labels that you can easily print if you use Shopify.

As eCommerce becomes ever more popular, more and more entrepreneurs are taking their shops online, and for many of them, Shopify is the place to be.

The unique eCommerce platform has really simplified the process of setting up your own online storefront and selling your products and services. For a reasonable monthly subscription, you can create and maintain your own storefront on the web, process payments, and hopefully build a successful business. With Laser Inkjet Labels, printing labels for your orders is a breeze.

Shipping labels for Shopify

Shopify lets you print all types of labels, ranging from shipping labels, to return labels, to custom declaration forms. Shopify supports the Dymo LabelWriter, Rollo label printers, and the Brother QL-111ONWB label printer, but most importantly, any standard laser inkjet desktop printer!

Once you have tested one of our custom labels for a particular order on your Shopify store, you can easily print a label. Just go to the orders you want to ship, print your label, and then you will be ready to send off the package.

The benefits of high-quality shipping labels for Shopify

As you will probably know, shipping labels are simply a material that is placed on a package to specify who it is being delivered to, and perhaps what is inside it. Some labels will also contain a barcode depending on the carrier so that it is easier to track.

You may think that you can get away with writing the address of your customer directly onto the package, or with using inferior labels, but when you read the benefits of high-quality shipping labels below, you will see why that is a bad idea.

They are easier to read

One of the biggest benefits of buying high-quality shipping labels for Shopify, is that once they have been printed onto using an inkjet printer, they are really clear and easy to read, which means youtube packages are less likely to go missing, and you’re less likely to have angry customers calling you at all hours of the night and day.

They won’t fall off

The high-quality sticky shipping labels that we sell are extremely adhesive, which means that they are unlikely to come off your package and again leave you with a bunch of angry customers waiting endlessly for their packages. You’d be surprised at how many packages end up getting delayed or going missing because inferior labels have been used – don’t let your business end up out of pocket by crimping on your labels.

They look more professional

Adhesive labels just plain look more professional than writing directly onto the package or sticking a paper label on with tape – two practices that more businesses than you would think employ – which means that decent shipping labels for Shopify give your business a more professional, legitimate image, which will encourage your customers to keep buying. Packaging matters to the customer more than you might think, and anything you can do to improve the appearance of your packaging is sure to be a good business move for your eCommerce business. So, although a label might only seem like a small thing, it is actually really important.

They’re great for building your brand image

If you run a business, chances are you will know just how important brand image is. When customers purchase a product or service, they aren’t just purchasing the product or service – they are purchasing an ethos, an image, an identity and that means you need to be as appealing to your target audience as possible in as many ways as possible.

You might not think that shipping labels for Shopify factor into this, but they really do. Sure, sending out a plain white label is fine, but it’s hardly inspiring and it hardly does anything to advance your brand identity. Using our custom shipping labels for Shopify, on the other hand, really could help you to build a better brand.

How? By adding an extra design touch; an extra flourish to the appearance of your packages. As well as printing the information of the customer on the label, you could also print a patterned border or a little logo onto the label, which will give the recipient a bit more information about your brand and its ethos. That’s much more valuable than you may think.

They’re affordable

The great thing about our high-quality shipping labels for Shopify is the fact that they are so affordable. When you buy in bulk, you can really bring down the cost of labeling your company’s packages. Not only that but since you were able to print them at home using your own inkjet printer, you can save money on online shipping services and make sure that your labels really do look the way you want them to when you send them out.

You can check for errors

When you leave it up to third parties to generate your shipping labels for you, there is always a chance that they will get it wrong, but when you buy your own shipping labels for Shopify, you can print out and check each and everyone as you send it, which yes, may take a little more time, but it will lead to a far better level of customer service overall – quality control and accuracy is really very important if you want to be a success in the competitive world of eCommerce.

Buy shipping labels for Shopify

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to buy your own high-quality shipping labels for Shopify. Not only can it be cheaper, and a great way to ensure that your packages reach the right people, but it can even benefit your brand if you play it smart too.

If you would like to print your own affordable shipping labels for Shopify, be sure to check out the range of quality shipping labels we have for sale at You won’t regret it.

Shipping Labels for WooCommerce

As of early 2021, there were over 4 million websites worldwide that utilize WooCommerce. All of these websites have one thing in common, they need to print shipping labels. Whether you are using WooCommerce’s Shipping extension or you have a solution like ShipStation, we make it easy for you to print labels for your ecommerce store. Once you have some neatly designed labels from Laser Inkjet Labels, you can use your desktop laser inkjet printer to print shipping labels and return labels as needed.

All of our labels are compatible with today’s most popular roll inkjet label printers and other continuous or sheet-fed printers. If you own a Primera®, Kiaro®, Afinia® or any of the Memjet® powered inkjet roll label printers, you are good to go. This means that life can be made easier and you can ensure that your customers are receiving their products on time without any confusion. Poor labels can lead to packages being dropped off at the wrong place or being lost altogether. With high adhesive labels that are also custom-made, you can link up your Woocommerce shop and print out everything you need for shipping.

How Laser Inkjet Labels can help

It is time to connect your shop with your customers in one easy way. We are dedicated to creating bespoke labels for companies to ensure the safe and secure delivery of all parcels. With custom-made labels, you can bring your company into the modern world. With free label templates, you can customize the message and design of your Woocommerce package easily and effectively. It is a way to save time and money and take the stress out of your hands. Many companies who run Woocommerce sites use software to connect to a shopping service of choice, but with Laser Inkjet Labels, we can create the labels you need time after time without having to download any software or apps. It is done simply and effectively on our website. It is best when you

Ready to go when you are, make it simple!

As soon as you have connected with us, you can start shipping immediately. You can simply edit, book, and pay for different shipments at the same time and print out several shipping labels at once. Benefit from our best prices and optimize your shipping costs. Simplify shipping and gain better control over your WooCommerce shipments by managing all shipping orders from a single platform. 

Designing made easy

With our free templates, you can create your own or input yours directly from Woocommerce and we also offer free label software which makes designing even easier. If you want to look professional and add your company logo to each label then it is possible to do so. This will make you look like you have paid attention to detail and also offer a way to brand and advertise your product for free. Having the logo of your woocommerce store on your label is a great way to spread the word about what you do. Today, people notice the design and Laser Inkjet Labels make it possible to add colors and the fonts that you want to make the label custom made, bespoke, and perfect for your brand. It’s great to buy in bulk, and that is why we offer a range of products with up to 100 products per pack. The WooCommerce shipping label plugin also helps you to immediately create packing slips that you can use to design with us. We have a range of different types of labels, that many other companies do not offer including:

  • White Uncoated Labels
  • White Removable Labels
  • White Semi-Gloss Inkjet Only
  • White Semi-Gloss Laser Only
  • White High Gloss Labels
  • White PolyGloss Labels
  • Brown Kraft Labels
  • Clear Glossy Labels – Inkjet
  • Clear Glossy Labels – Laser
  • White Poly Laser Labels
  • Fluorescent Colored Labels
  • Integrated Labels
  • Laminating Labels
  • 100% Recycled Emerald Sand Labels

This means that you can create a label that best suits your brand. For example, if you sell eco-friendly products on your Woocommerce site then perhaps you would be best suited to purchasing the 100% Recycled Emerald Sand Labels. This will share with your customers that you are truly dedicated to your craft and not using a product that isn’t quite as eco-friendly. If you are an art supplies company then perhaps a clear glossy label will offer a more bespoke feel to your brand.

Impeccable customer service

A team of logistics experts is at your side and helps you to improve your logistics processes and get the most out of your labels time after time and therefore improve the flow of your Woocommerce site. With a wealth of experience, you can receive information relating to the types of labels you may want, the type of paper, and inks. When you have an eCommerce site of any kind, you know that most of your work is done digitally, which is why it is important to have that important connection with a company that cares. That is why Laser Inkjet Labels offer impeccable five-star customer service so that you can get the advice you need on the label sizing, design, and more, as well as pricing available to you. 

Our system is so easy to use and manage that you won’t need to worry about it being difficult. There are plenty of designs and free templates that you can use so that you can continue to focus only on the sales of your Woocommerce stores and not the logistics behind them. Shipping is made easy with Laser Inkjet labels. For more information on how we can assist your business and make your shipping much simpler, please contact one of our friendly team members today or ask on our 24/7 chatbot.

Begin the search for your size and style at