How to Make Labels for Bottles

How to Make Labels for Bottles
How to Make Labels for Bottles
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Simply selling something in a bottle will not be enough to ensure success in your niche market. Consumers look at the bottle label first to determine the contents. To all consumers, the label is very important. There are many competitors in your field of business. In order to be unique, the design of your bottle labels must be exceptional. Consumers will definitely be drawn to such labels, and the brand message will be communicated as well. So, how to make labels for bottles? Let’s Find out!


Bottle labeling should not be done just for the purpose of labeling the bottles. Several businesses require that it should follow a certain set of rules and regulations established by the government. For example, the Alcohol and Tax Bureau establishes the guidelines for including information on alcohol bottle labels.

In order to comply with regulatory requirements and standards, you will need to consider these factors while creating the label. The reason being, customers first read the label to determine what is inside the bottle. Therefore, designing your label to include all the information that must be legally declared on the label is important.

Every label design is unique in its own way. This is because every business wishes to have a distinct identity in the marketplace. Therefore, the primary goal of redesigning a bottle label is to ensure that it is immediately visible to consumers while they are shopping. 

When consumers are standing in front of a rake at a retail store, the label design should grab their attention immediately. Consequently, a label’s design should be distinctive in terms of its design topic, idea, color scheme, font, and picture selection, among other things. Custom printed, durable, and eco-friendly kraft labels can be a unique option.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Unique Bottle Label Design?

When purchasing mineral waters, wines, or soft beverages, most of us are drawn to visually appealing and stimulating labels.  That shows how the design and packaging of bottles significantly impact the sale of a specific product.

Even the most passionate fans of popular beverages such as coke and ice wine like seeing something unique on their eye-catching bottles. In order to make the bottle label design stand out, make it distinctive and exciting. It can completely transform any company’s reputation.

In this article, you will learn about three effective elements of innovative bottle label design that will help to maximize the sales of your company’s brand value.

How to Make Perfect Labels for Bottles?

Theme Consistency

You must keep the consistency of theme throughout all label design components if you want to establish your brand as easily recognizable, acceptable, and innovative. In addition, your brand should be easily distinguishable, even if a customer is looking at many variations of your products.

The use of themes is an excellent method of increasing marketing strategy. The procedure of designing your bottle labels to correspond to a specific concept is not complicated at all. The design of the bottle label can be in a classic style that is unique. However, all of the components should be based on the same concept. Also, the design should include a theme that has appeared in the company’s other aspects of the fundamental design elements, like the logo.

Outstanding Graphics

In terms of label design, graphics are probably the essential component since they significantly improve the overall appeal of your products (bottles). Realistic photos and graphic representations of the components in your products can be included in the design.

Color Clarity

Use appropriate colors in your bottle label to ensure that it conveys your brand message. However, you must choose the label colors with care and ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into the design. The colors should highlight the unique characteristics of your beverage.

Types of Label Materials

Coated Paper

This is perhaps the most fragile label grade you will come across. This label is composed of paper with one side coated. The coating may be drab, glossy, or matte. Coated paper creates pictures that are typically clearer, brighter, and more reflective than uncoated paper.

Laminated paper

This label material is a little better than the coated paper. The laminated label is composed of paper that has been constructed by combining two or more layers of thin plastic. These paper labels are often seen on low-cost bulk water, available at cheap warehouse shops. While this kind of label may rip, the ink will remain intact.


A thermoplastic substrate-based label material. This label is resistant to extreme heat and cold, wetness, ripping, and bending. It is a durable substance that works well for labeling bottled water. These labels retain their colors because it is transferred to the label using high heat.

Synthesized Composites 

This material is new to the market and is composed of a blend of polyolefin and silica filler. This material appears like heavyweight paper and even prints like paper, but it is stronger, durable, and water-resistant. In addition, waterproof labels for bottles can also be made from these papers.

Additional Information

Now that you know how to make labels for bottles, consider these factors while designing bottle labels. Are you searching for an innovative label design for a new venture for your company? You may be considering hiring a professional graphic designer. However, this may have certain drawbacks.

To start, the designer will provide you with two to three water bottle labels template. This limits your options for the design idea. Even if you do not like the ideas, you are probably forced to accept them since you paid the fees. But then, there is no way of knowing when the designer will complete the job. It may also be postponed for many months. However, you can make your own water bottle labels even if you are a beginner.


Apart from providing essential information about the bottle’s contents, the bottle label design must create a favorable first impression on the consumer. Therefore, consistency and alignment with other graphic design elements of the business are essential for a successful design theme. When it comes to conveying a company’s brand message effectively, the use of visuals is recommended. Colors should also be chosen in such a way that they represent the ideals that the company wants to convey.

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