How to Make Transparent Stickers

How to Make Transparent Stickers
How to Make Transparent Stickers
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Have you ever wanted to make DIY gifts but weren’t sure how to make transparent stickers? Many people love the idea of labeling their possessions with DIY clear stickers, saving money in the process, as these clear printed stickers do not come cheap. Read this article for a comprehensive analysis of transparent stickers and the ways they can be made at home.

What Are Transparent Stickers?

Transparent stickers, as the name suggests, are clear labels that contain pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. This allows the strip of paper or thin plastic to stick to surfaces. There aren’t any particular shapes or sizes of generic clear sticker paper. If you want to label, say, a jar, clear labels can be made quite easily. Attempting to make one for the first time will be an interesting and fun experience.

Why Make Transparent Stickers?

Creative personalities are always on the hunt for innovative DIY ideas. With their usefulness ranging from gifts to personal and professional organization, DIY clear labels can add a personal touch to everything in our daily lives.

  • They can be used to label and design beautiful things and keep the design clean and almost spotless.
  • With careful application, small cracks or breaks in glass containers can be hidden and effectively repaired.
  • Stickers can remain invisible to the eye and maintain the consistency of the item’s design.
  • They are great gifts that you can give your friends and loved ones.
  • Collectors are very passionate about maintaining their personal scrapbooks or wall displays.

How to Make Transparent Stickers at Home

Necessary Materials

The following materials are the minimum requirements. Fancier equipment can certainly accelerate the procedure along with better outcomes, but might not entirely be DIY.

  • Printouts or photocopies of your design. (A laser printer is suggested for printouts.)
  • Transparent tape. (Make sure the adhesive is strong enough to withstand getting wet and will stick well on the surface.)
  • Clean water. (You can use dirty water, but why would you?)
  • Spoon. (Other rigid materials like scissors, cards, or a piece of lego may be used. Avoid using your fingernails.)
  • The object to paste the cute transparent stickers on.


Following is a brief, step-by-step tutorial on how to make stickers with tape.

  1. Take your time in choosing the design that you want on your sticker if you are attempting this for the first time. A successful result will go a long way in building your confidence.
  2. Print or make photocopies of your design. Make sure the ink is settled in.
  3. Carve out the design from the paper according to your requirements. We recommend you cut out multiple pieces as options in case the initial attempt is not successful for some reason.
  4. Paste the paper onto the sticky surface of the clear tape. Make sure the design is facing the sticky side.
  5. Cut the tape off at a point slightly away from the paper.
  6. Trim the edges of the tape that are extensions from the perimeter of the paper.
  7. Use the spoon to strongly rub on the label in order to ensure every point on the paper is stuck to the tape. Any trapped air bubbles will also have a chance to escape during this process.

    At this point, you should have a well-shaped label. You can make multiple copies of the same prototype by following the same steps. Only the transition to the sticker’s transparent background is what remains.
  8. Submerge your label in a jar of water. Give it some time, as the water needs to seep into the paper and make it soft and loose. This process usually takes around five minutes. However, depending on the size of the paper used, the time may vary. Check the softness of the paper to determine if it is ready to be taken off.
  9. Take the label out when you feel it is ready. Let the water drain before you touch the paper, as an accidental rough scratch might destroy the consistency of the design, if not the whole project altogether.
  10. Gently use your thumb to rub on the paper. Make sure you do not press overly hard, or the scenario mentioned in step 9 might occur. Rubbing too hard might start removing the design from the tape. Remember, you can always put the label back into the water if you feel any portion of the label is not properly soaked and might require extra force to scrub off.
  11. Once the paper is completely scraped off, the design should remain elegantly displayed on the tape.
  12. Give the newly created stickers time to thoroughly dry. Wet stickers might not be completely adhesive, and prematurely attaching them might lead to a catastrophic failure.
  13. Upon drying, the sticker is now ready to be pasted on the desired container.


Does the sticker lose its adhesive property permanently once it is wet?

Although it does lose its stickiness while being wet, the adhesion will return as the sticker dries.

Once crafted, how durable are the stickers?

The durability of the stickers totally depends on the material used. Stronger adhesives last longer, and vice versa.

What ensures the sticker’s transparent background?

Removal of the paper leads to the transparent background.

Can I choose any design I wish and make clear printed stickers with them?

Yes you certainly can, although a loss of detail can be an issue for complicated graphic designs.

Can I print clear stickers at home?

Of course, you can. After all, this is an indoor DIY project.

Final Words

DIY clear stickers are lovely additions to objects that need labeling at home or work. There is no end to the possible designs that you can print on clear sticker paper. As long as you have the knowledge of how to make transparent stickers, you can be assured to never misplace the sugar and salt jars at home anymore!

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