How to Make Your Own Stickers for Marketing

How to Make Your Own Stickers
How to Make Your Own Stickers
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If you are considering how to make your own stickers to promote your company (or just for fun), you have probably already realized that there is a lot more to the design process than you might have initially thought.

With the proper use and design, stickers can be an excellent marketing tool for almost any company. The issue is that most individuals have no idea where to begin when it comes to creating stickers. And even graphic designers with little or no expertise in sticker design can make a complete mess of the process.

If you want to use the stickers for marketing or promotional purposes, it is not enough to just design a visually appealing sticker; you must also consider several additional factors. For example, you must consider the message you want to convey, the physical copy of the sticker, the size, the shape of the sticker, the font, and, of course, the printing process itself. If you have not done any print designing before, this can be the most challenging part of the process for new designers. Designing labels or stickers can be a wholesome process if you know what needs to be done.

To take you through the process of making and printing a perfect sticker, we have put up the following tutorial.

Select the Appropriate Size and Shape

How to make stickers that look amazing? Choosing the appropriate size and shape for your sticker should be the first step in creating your design before moving on to other considerations. In the vast majority of instances, the intended purpose of the sticker will be the determining factor.

The standard rectangular and square pattern is maybe the most popular form for a sticker because it does not need any extra die-cutting or special shaping. It is by far the most cost-effective sticker to manufacture.

If you want to know how to make stickers with a much more custom-shaped design, printing your sticker on clear vinyl is the most cost-effective choice. By doing so, you will be able to make a unique design for your custom vinyl stickers. However, the sticker will still be a standard square or rectangle in form.

Further, if you are planning to put them on window panes or another clear surface, you might need to have them printed in reverse.

It is also important to remember that you are not restricted to sticker designs with a diameter of just a few centimeters. Modern printing businesses will allow you to produce stickers up to a few feet in length and a few inches wide. If you are trying to make a wall sticker, this can be highly beneficial.

Make It Vibrant and Eye-Catching

It does not matter where you intend on putting your sticker; the goal is typically to draw the interest of others.

The problem is stickers are typically seen from a considerable distance, making them difficult to read. The intended audience for the sticker can be anywhere from just a few feet to a couple of hundred yards away, depending on whether it is attached to a laptop cover, a vehicle bumper, a lamppost, or any of the countless other possible places.

For this reason, you should ensure that your sticker is as bright and colorful as possible in the majority of instances. Making your sticker bright and eye-catching will guarantee that it captures the attention of its audience and gets the recognition it deserves.

Keep in mind that making your sticker vivid and colorful does not always mean that you must include every color of the rainbow into your design. Usually, one or two colors will be enough.

Using too many colors may result in an unorganized and downright unattractive design. So stick to only two or three primary colors in your design instead of using more than that. You can also make custom stickers or make your own sticker book if you want to (for reference purposes). 

Now that you know how to make your own stickers, let us give you some more information.

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Use Bold Font

When designing your sticker, one of the most important aspects to consider is the kind of font you want to include. Your sticker will almost certainly convey a message, and if this is the case, you must make sure that the message is readable by the audience. 

If you were designing a leaflet or a flyer, it would be entirely acceptable to have paragraphs of text printed in a tiny font. However, it would be a significant mistake if you were designing stickers. The purpose of stickers is not to tell the audience about your life; instead, they are intended to increase brand exposure and draw attention.

Pick a font that is both strong and clear and that it will be readable from a distance. Due to the usage of just capital letters and big font size, the readability and impact of the text will be enhanced significantly.

Using contrasting colors can also help enhance the boldness and readability of the sticker text. Keep in mind that when written in tiny font sizes, sans serif font can sometimes look bolder and more readable than serif type.

Don’t Overuse Text

As we briefly stated in the previous point, the purpose of a sticker is not to tell the audience about your life story or to teach them about any product you provide but to draw attention to your brand and build brand awareness. If your company has already established its identity, using just a logo and no text may be a fantastic approach to promote it.

On the other hand, text might well be required in certain instances. It can even be beneficial in drawing attention. 

Incorporate Your Brand

Color schemes, font, and other design elements are essential considerations. However, your brand logo or name must remain at the center of your design.

However, the uppercase characters and specific contrasting colors can have the most considerable effect on being noticed. Therefore, you should never include colors or fonts that do not represent your brand or your already-existing brand image in your sticker design.

When it comes to promotional stickers, one of the primary goals is to enhance brand awareness. If your sticker does not accurately reflect your company, it will not have the intended effect or provide a return on your investment. 

The selection of a color scheme representing your brand throughout all other visual media is essential (leaflets, banners, website, etc.). In addition, the presence of your logo on the sticker is also usually seen as a good idea since it should be the most instantly recognizable element of your brand image.

Keep Things Simple and to the Point

You may have noticed that almost every suggestion we gave in this article is straightforward and to the point. It is something that you should bear in mind while designing nearly any sticker.

Although leaflets, pamphlets, and flyers may include a lot of information, stickers should be as basic and minimalistic as possible. When it comes to communicating the desired information and increasing brand recognition, your company’s logo may be all that is required in most cases.

Aim for simplicity and effectiveness when designing stickers to convey your idea as clearly and briefly as possible. 

Printing Your Stickers
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Printing Your Stickers

After the designing phase is done, now the question arises: How to print stickers? The material on which your stickers are printed is a factor when it comes to the actual printing of your stickers, and you have a few different choices. Although almost all stickers are printed on PVC/vinyl, the specific characteristics of that vinyl may significantly differ in the final product. 

One option is to print your stickers on matte or glossy material. Almost all printing companies nowadays will provide you with a selection, and ultimately, the option is yours. Glossy papers will have a high shine, while matte stickers will have a lower shine. 

Matte or glossy is almost entirely a matter of personal taste. However, a matte finish may give your stickers a more quality appearance and feel in certain instances. You can use Cricuts to print as well. So, you might have a question on how to make stickers with Cricut? Cricut is a machine that cuts paper according to a given design. They are a great resource if you want to make homemade stickers. Also, you can use laser inkjet printers to print any type of sticker perfectly. 

So, now you have an overall idea about how to make your own stickers.


If you follow the above advice correctly, you are almost likely to develop an excellent sticker design and achieve the desired effect. To get the desired result when printing your stickers, choose a reliable printing company with expertise in sticker printing.

Although these instructions should serve as a starting point for your design, the success of your sticker will ultimately depend on your own creativity. Follow this advice, and make your own stickers.

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